2009 Fall Fruit Show – Oct 31st, 10am-3pm @ Center for Urban Horticulture

Learn more about our Fall Fruit Show – Speakers and Vendors2009 Fall Fruit Show Poster

Calling all Members! 

One of our major events is fast approaching – the Fall Fruit Show.

This is your chance to meet with other club members and the public who share an interest in fruit.

 We look for members to provide varieties of fruit they grow – in an effort to showcase what can be grown in our local area.  It also gives you the chance to taste varieties of fruit otherwise not available from a grocery store.  Some you may have heard of, but not tried – others could be completely new to you. 

 This event is open to the public- so that those with an interest in choosing, growing, harvesting and preserving fruit have an opportunity to meet the club members which serves as a way for those with an interest find out what our group has to offer them.

 Our “society” is diverse – from longtime members who have a wealth of knowledge to newer members, all looking to connect with others who share an interest in fruit.

 To help make this the best Fall Fruit Show ever, we need to hear from YOU regarding volunteer opportunities. 


Pre-Event Help Needed: 

Publicity – get the word out about this event!  Could you post a flyer in your neighborhood, at a nursery?  Could you contact TV or radio stations to see what is needed to get our event “air play”?  What about the various local publications or electronic forums available today – Please – “blog” or “tweet” if you are so inclined!  Click this link to view a printable poster:  2009 Fall Fruit Show Poster

Donate fruit – contact seattletreefruitsociety@hotmail.com


Day of Event Help Needed:

Setup – 8:30-10am – set up tables and tarps, wash fruit, fruit display, or other tasks.

Session #1 [10am-12:35pm]  or  Session #2 [12:25pm-3pm]
Cut and serve fruit as needed, answer questions, help relieve our STFS tables [related to library, membership and barrier sales] demonstrate a skill you have related to fruit. 

Breakdown – 3-4pm –  Handle the remaining fruit – find location to donate, ensure it goes home with volunteers &/or gets composted.  General clean up of venue – tables & chairs returned.

Food for volunteers – can you help feed the volunteers and/or help in the kitchen?  Bring a potluck dish, or break out that favorite apple pie recipe!

If you can help – We need to hear from YOU – before the event – to schedule and ensure we have enough folks for the various duties/tasks.  Please give me a call or email.


Your  2009 Fall Fruit Show Coordinator  seattletreefruitsociety@hotmail.com

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