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STFS February 12th – Grafting Workshop

STFS February 12th – Grafting Workshop/Meeting & Potluck 9am to 4pm


Open to the Public.  Free Admission

Location:  Cedar Valley Grange,  20526 – 52nd Ave W. Lynnwood, 98036 (Very near Lynnwood Park & Ride)  Take Interstate 5 exit 179 (220th St SW), turn RIGHT on 220th go about a ½ mile, then turn LEFT onto 52nd Ave W, go almost a mile, the grange is on your LEFT.  Easy.


Time: 9am to 4pm

          9am to 11:30   Grafting Techniques Class

                                      taught by Greg Giuliani, Gil Schieber, and Bill Davis

          11:30-12     Potluck

          12 – 4pm    Hands-On Grafting Workshop: (Greg Giuliani, Gil Schieber, and Bill Davis),                                       Create your own tree

For Sale at Workshop:  Rootstock, Scion wood, grafting knives, grafting tape, bands, sealant, all you need for grafting your own tree!  You can bring the items you have or scion  wood to graft a special tree for yourself.


We need scion wood for this event.  If you have apple, plum, cherry, European and Asian pear varieties in your yard, that you could take some scion wood cutting of, please bring them to this event.  Take 10-12” long cuttings of the newest growth and wrap a moist (not dripping) paper towel at the cut end.  Mark these clearly with the name of the fruit varieties, using masking tape wrapped around the stem.  Enclose the whole stem in a plastic bag and keep in the refrigerator until Feb 12th.  Thank you.

There will be no Apple scionwood available this year from Mt Vernon orchard because of an Anthracnose infestation.  There will be cherry, plum, Asian and European pear scion wood.


Vendors at Show – Lowell’s Tools,

Tool Sharpening – Vagn


Collecting Scion Wood for the Spring Grafting Meeting

January/February is an ideal time to collect scion wood for spring grafting.

Look for healthy, growing, branch tips that are ¼ to ½ inch in diameter and 5-6” inches in length. Scion wood should be disease-free. 


Label Each Piece carefully – Use masking tape and a ball point pen to write the fruit name and wrap it around each piece preferably.  The scion wood needs to be clearly labeled. 


Cover the cut ends of the scion wood with a moist, not dripping paper towel.

Place in a sealed plastic bag (narrow newspaper plastic bags are great) to prevent moisture loss and store in the refrigerator, not the freezer.


Bring February 12th to STFS Member Grafting Meeting @ 9am @ Cedar Valley Grange.