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Planning for the 2014 STFS Fall Fruit Show is now in process. One of the interesting developments is there will be a Rubus single varietal tasting at the show.
If you are growing any variety of cane berries (black berries, raspberries, hybrid black/raspberries, native Rubus species etc), we will be presenting these for tasting at the Fall Fruit show this year. Any presentation is acceptable, as long as it is a single varietal (please label specifically, with no additional flavors added (sugar and pectin are okay). You could make preserves, sorbet, fruit leather, or just frozen berries. Please save fruit now while the berries are ripe !

Summer Pruning Fruit Trees and Espaliers Workshop – Aug 16

STFS “Summer Pruning Fruit Trees and Espaliers” workshop
Date: Aug 16th –Sat.
Time: 10:00 am – Noon
Location: Magnuson Park, P-Patch Orchard, next to “The Brig”. More info at :
Hands-on pruning and instruction in summer pruning of fruit trees; why & how to prune in summer. Free for STFS members.

Orchard Work Party, Potluck, Book Swap – Aug 2

Magnuson Orchard Work Party, Potluck and Book Swap.
Saturday, August 2nd, 2014
At the Magnuson P-Patch Orchard next to the Brig, at Magnuson Park. 7400 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115
Work Party: 9:00am to Noon
Potluck and Book Swap: Noon to 1pm
Join STFS members at Magnuson P-Patch Orchard for a clean-up event, weeding, laying cardboard and putting down wood chips so that the mowers are able to maintain the grass strips between tree tows. Afterwards, we’ll enjoy potluck and STFS-contributed lunch, and swap garden & cookbooks. Bring your gloves and pruners, water bottles and good cheer.