Grafting/Budding Instruction

  1. Grafting (University of Missouri)
  2. Budding (University of Missouri)
  3. Grafting & Budding Fruit Trees (University of Minnesota)
  4. Grafting & Budding Nursery Crop Plants (North Carolina State University)
  5. Bark Grafting (Washington State University)
  6. Bridge Grafting/Inarching Damaged Trees (University of Connecticut)
  7. Care of Newly Grafted Trees (MidFEx)
  8. T-Budding & Chip Budding Video (MidFEx)
  9. Collecting and Storing Scionwood (YouTube video)
  10. Another resource for Collecting and Storing Scionwood: gregs-scionwood-storage Greg Giuliani has written an article about taking your own Scion Wood Cuttings for spring grafting. These cuttings from your fruit trees are important to bring to the Spring Fruit & Grafting Shows for others to be able to graft varieties of fruit that you have access to.

Grafting/Pruning Supplies

  1. Grafting & Budding Knives
    Orchards Edge (source of left-hand grafting knives)
    Steuber Distributing – Snohomish (Victorinox knives, grafting bands)
  2. General Grafting Supplies (Raintree Nursery) (Victorinox knives, Doc Farwell’s grafting seal, grafting bands, parafilm tape)
  3. Parafilm Grafting Tape (Orchard Valley Supply)
  4. Gashell Grafting Wax (Miller Nurseries)

Some Scionwood Sources

  1. Fedco (Maine)
  2. Tower Hill Botanic Garden (Massachusetts)
  3. Nick Botner, 4015 Eagle Valley Road, Yoncalla, OR 97499, (503) 849-2781. Offline only. Sells trees and will sell or trade scions from his huge collection of apples, pears, plums, and grapes.
  4. Christian Homesteading Movement – Richard Fahey, Rd 2, Oxford, NY 13830. US mail only. Scionwood of many varieties of apples plus other fruit. Send SASE for scionwood list.
  5. Maple Valley Orchards (Wisconsin)
  6. Big Horse Creek Farm (North Carolina)
  7. Masonville Orchard (Colorado)