STFS Meeting April 24th

There are exciting plans in the making for STFS future events:

On April 24th, 9:30am-12 noon, in the Douglas Classroom at the Center for Urban Horticulture, will be the next Member Meeting with Marilyn and Dick Tilbury as our speakers.  They will speak to us on the life cycles and controls for Apple Maggot, Coddling Moth, and the Spotted Winged Vinegar Fly.  We’ll make traps for the SWVF at the meeting. 


On April 24th, 8:00am-9:30 before the Member Meeting, we will have a Board Meeting where we will introduce  our new Membership Person on the board.  Also, we have a volunteer to be nominated for Vice President.  We have no other nominations for VP and if you know of any please bring them to our attention before the April 24th meeting. 


Also on April 24th, after the Member Meeting, we will have a Membership Fruit Database meeting.   We have talked for a couple years now about coming up with a member database of the fruit varieties that we all grow.  This would benefit the club by knowing where to get scion wood for the spring shows, fruit for the fall shows, make name tags for the fruit/wood at the shows, and for apple identification at the fall shows.  A database of this information would be very valuable to the club.  We will meet to discuss the possibilities and categories we’d like to see developed after the Member Meeting on April 24th.  We will probably move outside to a warm corner of the CUH garden for this meeting.  Bring a sack lunch. 

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