Volunteer opportunities at Fall Fruit Show

Many helping hands make lighter work for all volunteers.
The 2014 STFS FFS like past shows has been planned and is being put on by volunteer STFS members.

If you still want to help, please consider volunteering for the following task(s):

 -Arrive at 7 AM at Cedar Valley Grange to unload supplies from vehicles and begin arranging onsite tables and chairs for information displays, fruit sampling and educational talks

 -Arrive at 8 AM at Cedar Valley Grange to spread table cloth, sort and set out fruit for sampling, hang signage and assist other volunteers at display tables

 -Arrive at 9 AM at Cedar Valley Grange to assist with any last minute tasks

 =During the show activities (10 AM to 3 PM) at Cedar Valley Grange: Bring several pieces of any unique fruit varieties you would like to share with other members and attendees during the fruit show

 =During the show activities (10 AM to 3 PM) at Cedar Valley Grange: Enjoy talks, displays and discussion with other attendees and/or assist other volunteers who:

 +Cut fruit for sampling
+Distribute fruit samples to other attendees
+Keep fruit sampling areas clean
+Cider press fruit (outside so bring a coat)
+ID fruits brought onsite
+Build SWD traps
+Lead kids in craft project
+Sharpen tools
+Assist vendors and other volunteers with information displays and at membership/admissions table in the basement
+Announce and direct attendees to upstairs for the following talks: 

@10:30 – Stone Fruit Culture in Spain (Greg Guiliani)
@ 12:00 – Protecting Your Winter Orchard from Furry Pests (Dave Pehling)
@1:00 – Growing Pears in the Pacific Northwest  (Jacky King)
@2:00 – Latest News About Kiwis for Puget Sound Region (Bob Glansman)

 =Arrive or stay until 3 PM at Cedar Valley Grange to assist with teardown and take home fruit and other supplies left over from show  

 All help is appreciated.  Thanks for considering this request. 

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