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2010 Fall Fruit Show

10am to 3pm Oct 31st  Seattle Tree Fruit Society’s 2010 Fall Fruit Show

3:30-5:30pm Apple Id Meeting

Location: Center for Urban Horticulture – Main Hall Only, 3501 Northeast 41st St, Seattle, 98195

Cost: $2 indiv/$5 family, Free STFS, WCFS groups free to volunteers

Fruit Tasting: Bring your garden fruit (labeled) to the show to show what we grow.  Many varieties will be on display for tasting.

Lectures: Heritage Apple ID, Cultivars ID, Edible Landscap’g/or Container Kiwi, Container Fruit Production

Vendors: Tom Wood is bringing fruit for sale, Raintree’s plants, Bob Hartman’s tasting of varieties for sale, WWFRF apples for sale, Tasting of Larry Davis’s Jams, jellies, & baked goods, mason bee goods, STFS Library, Maggot Barrier sales, Apple Posters, City Fruit,

Fruit ID: Bring 3-4 samples (unwashed), no leaves needed.  Keep them refrigerated until the Show.

Apple ID Contest: with prizes!  To challenge our identification skills.

Kids Crafts: Creative projects for the kids.  Hey it’s Halloween.  Bring the family.

Tool sharpening: Bring your tools, knives, sissors – to be expertly sharpened.  $ Donations for STFS.

Volunteer Potluck: Bring your food items to share for volunteers.

Save your fruit for the Show

It’s time to show the Pacific Northwest what we can grow!  Save your fruit for our Fall Fruit Show on Oct 31st.  Please let Laure know what you can bring

Fruit ID at our Fall Fruit Show

Are you curious about what that apple tree in your yard’s name is?  Do you know of an apple in a local park that produces fruit you love and you’d like to get a name on it?  What is the name of that apple?  Well, now is your chance to get that fruit identified.  Put 3-4 pieces of unwashed fruit, no leaves are necessary, in a plastic bag in your refrigerator or cool place and keep it fresh until our Fall Fruit Show on Oct 31st, 10-3pm.  Bring in your fruit to be identified (that’s fruit, not family members).  This year we will have several experts identifying fruit at the same time so we hope there will be no long lines.  Bring it in.  Let’s see it.

Volunteer at Puyallup Fair for WCFS

Now thru Sept 26th – The Puyallup Fair is going on… Our Western Cascade Fruit Society parent organization is represented there every year by our Volunteers.  We need you to volunteer for this.  If you want to get a free pass to the fair and can volunteer in the booth, please call Bill Horn Phone 253-770-0485 or Henri Carnay Phone  253-568-6494 of the Tahoma Fruit Club.  The Tahoma chapter organizes the booth every year.  Thank you!

Fall Beeline

The Fall BeeLine 2010 has been posted to the Western Cascade Fruit Society website.
To read the BeeLine go to  Click on Newsletters under Members only on the left side of the screen. Fall BeeLine 2010 will appear in the center of the screen. Click on this and you may or may not be asked for a password. Remember the password is Apple, with an upper case A.  You will get to a new screen and there you click on Fall BeeLine 2010.