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2011 Fall Fruit Show

October 23 – Sunday
Cedar Valley Grange ,20526 – 52nd W., Lynnwood
Time: 10:00 am — 3:00 pm

This year’s Fall Fruit Show will be laid out differently and we are setting it up for more member
displays of what we do with our produce. If you make jam, applesauce, dried fruit, have
fresh produce, garden related crafts or inventions, we hope that you will set up a display table
for others to see this. In this way attendees to the show will get first-hand knowledge shared
from those that grow and/or produce the displayed items. It’s not too late to for you to reserve
a demonstration table; just contact Ingela at ingelaMW@gmail .com .
We are organizing our fruit tasting around a theme of what grows in our home orchards. Our
tasting will be of ‘Twenty of the Best Apples’ that did well this year in our local environment.
Here is a list we have assembled of apples that might be included in this list. Let us know before
the show if you grow these apples and can bring some to the show, as well as providing
cultural information about how they do in your orchard or garden. We’ll be sending this list
out by email soon to get your input. If you have any other favorite varieties of pears or other

fall fruit that you would like to add to the list, please let us know.

Akane, Ashmead’s Kernel, Bramley’s Seedling, Chehalis, Elstar, Fiesta, Gravenstein, Holstein,
Honeycrisp, Karmijn de Sonneville, Jonagold, Liberty, Macoun, Melrose, Rubinette,
Roxbury Russet, Spartan, (Esopus) Spitzenburg, Tompkin’s King, William’s Pride. Runners
up: Adam’s Pearmain, Alkmene, Belle de Boskoop, Belmac, Early Fuji, Enterprise, Fireside,
Hudson’s Golden Gem, Tydeman’s Red.

We need apple cobblers and pies donated that you make and keep track of the apple varieties.
This is another form of apple tasting so we want to have varieties of apples listed for the
desserts. We will sell pieces of pie for $2 to cover the cost of the Fall Fruit Show. If you can
bring cobbler or pie, please contact Laure Jansen (206)604-7149
This will help us pay for the event. Thank you!

We will have four to five lectures on various fruit-growing topics. Evan Sugdan (UW Professor)
has agreed to do a talk about pollinators. Dave Pehling (WSU Extension) will be giving a
lecture about vertebrate pest control (raccoons, rats, etc.). Jacky King will be presenting information
on (TBA) & we will have climate talk by a weather expert. Check out our library of
great literature to learn how to grow better fruit.

There are many opportunities to help out with this event. Let us know how you’d like to volunteer.
There are opportunities available to help with parking, setup and tear down, publicity,
membership and numerous other items. Let us know if you can help out before or during the
show. We also need volunteers for the set up and take down, also people to sit at display tables
and help out in assorted ways.

If you want to volunteer, please contact Rose Wakeman 206-525-2523

This is also an opportunity to let us know your ideas for the 2012 spring show, and the 2012
Fall Fruit Show.